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Working with WiederHolz


Since we are a start-up with very limited funding, we are not able to afford hiring creative, energetic, and beautiful minded people like you.

  • Design and/or development of products

    Designing and development of products is the most exciting task in WiederHolz. Because, here, you are free to design your dream, develop a product, which makes your life easy or solves problem of you or your loved ones. At WiederHolz, we design and develop products based on resources (resource-based design), which are very heterogeneous. Therefore, we are not limited to design and develop a particular product hundreds or thousand pieces like in a boring ways in industries. We design and make unique products where designers and developers name are also printed which makes every product a signature copy.

  • Writing stories of waste materials and WiederHolz’s upcycled products

    We would like to make a difference by telling stories behind each of our products. The raw materials of WiederHolz products are trashes or useless things of others. We collect them with care, we put our lovely effort to make them reusable, then we put our creative touch to make a new product. Every product of WiederHolz leaves We would like to let people know the whole journey of the material from trash to a new product. Would like to become a storyteller?

  • Campaign in public to spread the importance of reuse and material efficiency

    We would like to conduct campaigns in public places to talk about the importance of reuse, material efficiency and circular economy. We are also planning to organize events/workshop in academic institutions, kindergarten, and for general people. We are looking for people who can help us in this campaign. Here you will have the opportunity to talk to people and showcasing tangible things regarding sustainability.

  • Research and development

    We want to make WiederHolz a ZERO WASTE organization. You know that wood working creates a lot of dust as well as small pieces of scraps. Through research, we would like to find a way out how to use all the dust and scraps. How to make one’s by product to other’s raw materials.

  • Website content writing

    What you are reading here is called content of the website. If you love to write good contents and help improving our website you are more than welcome.

Donating scrap wood or broken furniture

Scrap wood and broken furniture creates indolent urban wood mine. We would like to take the opportunity to mobilize this urban wood mine sustainably. So, if you would like to get rid of scrap wood or your broken furniture, we would love to take them and give them a new life. Please click here if would like to help us by donating your useless scraps. Please note, currently, we do not have vehicle to transport or a place to store. We hope, soon will graduate from this problems.

Donating old/unused tools or machines

Tools are material intensive. Most of the tools are made mining earth materials, which causes health hazards, homelessness, environmental problems and so on. Nowadays, our homes are full of machines as well as tools with very low use factor, which has just moved the material mines from earth surface to our homes.
Our aim is to establish community do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops. Therefore, if you have any unused tools or a tools with very low use factor you may donate to our workshop, where other people will use this tools as well as you when you need them. Please click here if you would like to donate some of the tools or machines.

Informing WiederHolz about scrap wood or bulky-waste

The easiest way you may get involved with WiederHolz that you inform us with the location of bulky-waste or contact person of the crap wood.

Spreading the words

If you like our work and products please spread the name and activity to your friends.

Help us improving

We are learning. Please help us by sharing your thoughts, constructive criticism and guidance, which help us to improve.