WiederHolz is a start-up for upcycling scrap/old/waste wood. At WiederHolz, we upcycle wood, which is normally discarded as bulky-waste, into useful products such as furniture, toys, models. We are working on promoting reuse and developing market for reused/upcycled products. We are based in Flensburg, which is a beautiful small city of around 90 thousand people located near the Danish border of Germany.
Looking forward to seeing you around.


Our mission is to create a community and establish a community platform for repairing and upcycling furniture and materials to maximize material efficiency.


Our vision is that every community has a shared platform for repairing and upcycling where materials will have many youths in one life.

Our Values

Raising awareness for reuse and upcycling
Promoting material efficiency and circular economy
Offering a new paradigm of social networking

Community Relationship

Shared platform
Access to tools, accessories, and resources
Expert guidance
Personal assistance
On-site service for repair and bulk-upcycling